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   The manufacturer is known worldwide and is no. 1 polyurethane sleeve manufacturer in Europe. On the market since 1996, this brand develops and manufactures more than 4000 polyurethane products. The manufacturer has accumulated vast experience in the compatibility of car chassis with polyurethane. Giving the driver much more controllability, stability and confidence while driving the car. In the company, everything from the design to the final product is created at Poweflex's central headquarters. Stainless steel components are processed with the most advanced computer equipment - this ensures perfect quality and guarantees that each product is exactly as it was designed. Every newly developed component is mandatorily tested both in the vehicle and on the test rig.


  Road Series - for everyday or sports car.

   Powerflex Road Series, purple bushings give the car more road handling and a sportier chassis feel by eliminating any unwanted movement. That's why the suspension always does what it's supposed to do. Your tires will have better grip on the road, improving handling and safety on every trip. Road Series polyurethane products can offer longer tire life, sportier performance, increased safety and are better value for money as the service life is significantly longer than conventional chassis tires.


  Black Series - for tracks and motor sports.

   Powerflex Balck Series, black bushings are manufactured using ``Black 95 Shore A'' product to ensure maximum chassis geometry control. The product is designed for the track, ready to show its endurance and capabilities on the race track. After all, he was born to be the best and not have equals. This product is up to 80% more load resistant than standard rubber and 25% stiffer than the Road Series purple polyurethane product. If your requirements are the highest level of handling and chassis stiffness, the Powerflex Black Series is a unique solution to get the most precise geometry in the chassis.


  Heritage Collection - for classic and classic car restoration.

   Powerflex Herotage Collection, gray bushings are made from modern materials to update the car's road feel. These gray spava bushings will enhance any classic car while maintaining the same look of a standard rubber bushing. The new range for classic cars shows the growing demand for spare parts with an aesthetic appearance that matches the appearance of the original part. For the restored car, providing the properties and performance of a unique Powerflex polyurethane product. Going a step further than just using the same durometer material throughout the entire suspension for all parts. Each part has its own hardness to ensure better suspension performance without any extraneous discomfort or vibration.


  The materials we use

    Our materials are color coded for easy identification by stiffness and location of use.

   Red 65A -used for universal exhaust and diesel engine pillow fasteners. 

   Yellow 70A -mainly used for engine cushions, reducer/transverse mounting bushings or areas where there is a lot of movement and absorption.

   Violet 80A -the most popular polyurethane hardness used, is poisoned in various areas of the suspension and provides an excellent ratio of compliance and sportiness.

   Black 95A -our hardest/strongest products we make. It is most often used in Black Series products, but sometimes it is also used in Road Series products, where the car manufacturer would require such a hardness of the material. That is, in areas of high load.

   Gray -this color bushings are used in the Heritage Collection. They consist of several types of hardness.




   Heritage Collection and Road Series

   These kits use combinations of all 4 materials mentioned above. During the development stages, we test the original sleeve, we see what the requirements are in terms of strength and movement. After evaluating the properties of the original rubber, we choose which strength polyurethane to use in the product. Manufacturers also attach bushings of different hardness in different parts of the suspension, but this is not so noticeable, because all rubber bushings look visually similar.

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