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G30 520i/525i/530i - Downpipe nerūdijančio plieno - IPE Exhaust


iPE provide the cat pipe for B48 engine only.
Unavailable with 530e & B46 engine.
*Please confirm whether your car has an “OPF system” before placing an order.
*Please confirm the downpipe is the V-clamp version or the intubate version.


iPE is proud to present our newest line of exhaust, BMW 520i / 530i (G30 Sedan / G31 Touring) exhaust. Horsepower and Torque increase is the best among our competitors, which makes it a perfect match for car like the BMW 520i / 530i.

The F1 Sound
iPE exhaust system is always famous for our patented F1 style sound enhancement. We are very careful with tuning out droning of the exhaust because we want it to be comfortable on long drive. But when the valve is in the open position, our signature F1 sounds enhance the sound to the totally different level in tone and volume that will take your driving experience to the next level.


Prekės užsakomos individualiai, NEGRAŽINAMOS!

Pristatymo laikas, INDIVIDUALUS!

G30 520i/525i/530i - Downpipe nerūdijančio plieno - IPE Exhaust

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