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FRONT WISHBONE REAR BUSH, CASTER OFFSET (nr.1) - Powerflex Black Series (PFF5-5601GBLK) Vienam automobiliui reikia 2 vnt. Kaina 1 vnt.
PFF5-5601G offers additional +0.5° of caster over PFF5-5601 and is a high performance option to PFF5-4601, and aimed at offering greater precision with improved geometry for people wanting the very best from their E46 or Z4. This new part, fitted to the rear of the front wishbone has a hard anodised aluminium outer shell with one of our unique low friction polyurethane centre bushes. The poly/alu combination creates a low friction rotating bush reducing the forces acting on the arm. Lower arm deflection has been decreased by reducing the compliant material within the aluminium shell. Results are less movement in the arm under cornering and braking, improving steering control and feel. This bush is designed to fit the 66mm aluminium bush. Please ensure you have the correct size bush before fitting. Testing during the development of this bush has indicated stiffness gains of 128% compared with the original rubber bush. Our Black Series part increases siffness by 28%, to give an 190% increase in stiffness over the original part
OEM Part Number: 31126757623 / 31126777850 / 31126783376
OEM Part Number: 31126757622 / 31126777849 / 31126783375
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e46 Compact


e85/86 Z4M

Prekes išsiusime per 2-5 d.d, jeigu visų užsakytų prekių šiuo metu neturime centriniame Lietuvos sandėlyje, prekės užsakomos iš gamintojo sandėlio (UK) ir gali užtrukti iki 28 d.d.

Front WISHBONE REAR BUSH, CASTER OFFSET - Powerflex Black Series

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