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F80/82/83 - Downpipe nerūdijančio plieno - IPE Exhaust



Pilno IPE išmetimo rezultatai

Galia: +15.0 HP (At 6000rpm)

Sukimo momentas: +29.1 Nm (At 4500rpm)

Svoris: -5.7 kg (14.3% lengvesnis)


The breathtaking BMW M3 (F80) / M4 (F82 Coupe / F83 Convertible) is the newest model from the BMW M Series - already an exclusive high performance car on its own, but even better with an iPE Innotech Exhaust System. Our system comes with larger pipes in diameter, leading to less exhaust gas pressure and more performance, especially in the low rpm range. The completely new design brings extra power and a remarkably aggressive and sportive sound.

The sound characteristics of the iPE exhaust system are absolutely unique: low rpm ranges are well accentuated - a pure pleasure for your ears combined with significant increase in performance and torque. When you hear the valves open for the first time, you will be amazed by the extreme sound experience.

All standard tips comes with chrome silver tips. Other colors are value-added.

WARNING - Please read these disclosures carefully prior to your installation!



Prekės užsakomos individualiai, NEGRAŽINAMOS!

Pristatymo laikas, INDIVIDUALUS!

M3/M4 - Downpipe nerūdijančio plieno - IPE Exhaust

1 659,99 €Price
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